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NobleProg can organise and deliver training courses in a variety of ways at a location of your choice.

  • Public Courses
  • Private Courses
  • Instructor-led Online

Public Courses

  • You can participate in a Public Course with people from other organisations in a NobleProg classroom.
  • A Public Guaranteed Course will NOT be cancelled by NobleProg, however it might be postponed until enough participants are registered.

Private Courses

  • Private Courses are for you and your colleagues only. No external delegates are allowed.
  • Private courses can be customised to suit your needs.

Online Courses

  • You and the Instructor are in different locations but the course content and delivery are the same as their classroom equivalent.
  • You will use a Virtual Desktop with voice or video to communicate with the Instructor. There may also be the option to use one of our training rooms.


What makes us different?

Locally Global

Locally Global

NobleProg was established in 2005 in Krakow. With headquarters in Warsaw, London and New York, the company has branches all over the world, mainly couple offices in Poland, England, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Near East and Singapore. Flexibility of our Instructors and optimized organization processes allow us to provide trainings even in places with no physical presence of the company. All of our operations is complemented by innovative technology of online trainings.

One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead

Due to global model of operations NobleProg can anticipate technological changes and trends in particular country over the next number of years. We are pioneers in introducing trainings on Polish market from technologies just gaining recognition in Poland, which our competitors have not heard about yet. We are up to finding training solutions to challenges presented to us by clients, thus over the years gaining trust from more than 2000 business partners.

Knowledge Put Into Practice

Knowledge Put Into Practice

NobleProg Instructors possess not only vast academic knowledge, both in their area of expertise and in teaching technics, but most of all are practitioners in taught field. They work in technology environment on everyday bases continuously improving their skills, understanding and insight into particular technological field. This kind of practical knowledge is delivered then to course participant, ensuring they will be able to put into practice gained understanding of the technology.

The Strength of Small Groups

The trainings offered by NobleProg are conducted in really small groups - even just for one person. By doing so we ensure that every participant can take full advantage of the course and the undivided attention of instructor.

The Strength of Small Groups

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Our trainers cooperate directly with organizations creating new technologies. We are in close relation with OMG (Object Management Group), to whom we are sole partners in Poland with OMG Content Developer title. This means that NobleProg experts are the ones serving in the OMG committee and taking part in creation of the most important standards in IT - BPMN and UML - as well as certification path for those technologies.

Courses Tailored to Your Needs

Courses Tailored to Your Needs

In NobleProg we treat our clients in individual manner, bearing in mind that each industry have different needs, strategic goals and working environments, thus need different approach. Meeting the expectations of our clients we adjust each and every one of our course outlines to their particular needs in order to present them with holistic training solution.

Guarantee of quality

By requesting course from NobleProg you ensure the highest quality training solutions tailored to your expectations. Each process of delivering training is supervised by dedicated Training Coordinator, whose sole role is to ensure smooth flow of information between participants and instructors. Just tell us what are your needs and we will handle the rest.

Guarantee of quality

What course types are available and how do they differ?

Remote (Instructor-led)

  • The instructor and the participants are in two different physical locations and communicate via Internet.
  • Typical group size - 4 people
  • Completion Certificates - NobleProg Certificate
  • Training Computer with Software Provided - YES*
  • Participants perform exercises - YES
  • Participant physical location - Anywhere

Traditional Classroom

  • The instructor and the participants are in the same physical location (classroom provided by NobleProg.
  • Typical group size - 2 people
  • Completion Certificates - NobleProg Certificate
  • Training Computer with Software Provided - YES
  • Participants perform exercises - YES
  • Participant physical location - NobleProg classroom

* In the case of Remote courses, you will need a computer to video-conference with the trainer. The training environment and software will be provided by NobleProg.


Guaranteed vs Standby


  • The participants who booked the course are guaranteed that the course will not be canceled by NobleProg.
  • The course will be organized even for one participant.


  • We organize the course provided enough people (quorum) have booked, if not, we will try to organize it at a later date.
  • Guaranteed Type (regular) purchaser can purchase all (or some) remaining available seats, at the last moment even after standby purchaser's transaction, and reduce available seat count to fewer than the number in your Standby transaction.
  • Because you will receive confirmation within last week before the course, it is not required that you attend the course event. It is OK to opt for next available dates.
  • There is no guaranteed that the course will run on this or even later date.


Public vs Private

Private (Closed)

  • Participants are from one organization only.
  • No external participants are allowed.
  • Usually, customized to a specific group, course topics are agreed between the client and the trainer.

Public (Open)

  • Participants from multiple organisations.
  • The curriculum usually cannot be customized.
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